3 Puppies Burnt Alive By 8 Children “For Fun” In Hyderabad. This Is Fucked Up On Another Level.

A woman in Bangalore killed 8 puppies in front of their dog mother.



Then two Chennai men threw a puppy from the terrace of a building.



Just when you thought we were done with the news of animal cruelty, 8 young boys from Hyderabad burnt 3 puppies ALIVE.



Just for fun.


We are not kidding. Policemen, who identified and interrogated these kids, said that the kids did it for fun. And going ahead, just for fun, they even filmed the atrocity.


And it was all planned. They pulled the three puppies by their tails and dragged them to the place where they lit the fire and burnt them alive – prodding them with sticks when they tried to come out of the fire.

And since the children are juveniles, they cannot be arrested, and will be sent for counselling and psychiatric evaluation.

They are not adults. Or they would have been arrested and set out on bail.


Check out the full news story here –

We hope, keeping the recent events that take place, that there are tougher rules against such blatant display of animal cruelty in India.

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