Punjabi Woman Roasts Man Mocking Her For Wearing Makeup, She Kills It With Her Accent

Everyone runs their social media accounts differently. Some want to showcase their real selves to the world, while others want to show their craft, and their skills and do what they love. And they should do whatever they want. It’s a free world.

Having said that, the internet also has many vellas who are there only to demean people, find flaws in them and become this moral police that no one asked for.

In a video that has now gone viral, a woman can be seen responding to a comment by a guy who wanted her to post anything without makeup on.

Clearly, the Punjabi woman is not happy with the way the person decided to mock her for wearing makeup. Hence, she decided to respond to him in the most BOMB way possible. First, she went on to call the guy out and asked him to post something from his real profile

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Then, in a typical Punjabi accent, the woman goes on to say to the person, “Saaleya, teri pencho* dukhdi ya? Mai pavey makeup lama pavey main na lama. Pavey mera baal upar hon, thalley hon. Tennu ki ya? Kuj marzi kari jawaan, tu naa dekh. Tu makeup de paise dittey ya mennu? Tu mera makeup artist hai? Tu me khasam lagda hai?” (sic)

“Dude, why is your arse hurting? How does it concern you if I put makeup on or not? If my hair’s up or down? I can do whatever I want. You just turn a blind eye to it. Have you given me the money to buy makeup? Are you my makeup artist? Are you my husband?”

Watch her smash the hell out of the guy here:

I had so much fun watching this Punjabi woman give it back to the troll. Here is how people online reacted to the video:

She is such a vibe and her Punjabi accent is so cute. Also, you might consider channelizing her energy when someone tries to mock you for your life choices.

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