Punjabi Shopkeeper’s Valentine’s Day Ad Is Sure To Get Him A Lot Of Female Customers

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, you guys! And as always men and women are prepping in their own ways to deal with attention from the opposite sex. You have to commend the men folk for the immense courage they display when they ask out a girl for Valentine’s Day. But at the same time, you’ve also got to laud the ladies for coming up with some innovative ways to fend off the Romeos they’re not interested to play Juliet to!

The real MVPs are the marketers though, who’re all over this day of love with their innovative marketing ideas.

But moving away from the idea of selling ‘love’, this killer Valentine’s Day advertisement op by a shopkeeper in Sirhind, Punjab, sells something else entirely!

Check it out!

ICYMI, here’s what he says in the video:

“Now that the month of love (Feb) has begun, every guy dreams of proposing to the love of his life. But it is the girl’s choice, whether she says yes or no to him. But girls, if a guy you reject starts harassing you, irritiating you, then feel free to throw your juttis at him! And to buy those juttis, contact us! We have all kinds of juttis available here!”


The guy, probably the owner of the shop, then pans the camera across his store and lists down every type of female footwear they’ve got, even recommending the ones that would be more effective to use on boys! LOL!

Old is indeed gold and one of the oldest weapons women used to drive creepy, unwanted guys away was their sandal! It was quite smart of this guy to turn this classic hack into a stellar Valentine’s Day advertising gimmick!

Image Courtesy: YRF

If this ad is making you double up with laughter, you’re not alone! Everyone’s appreciating the owner’s excellent sense of marketing!

1. Hear hear!

2. And that’s how word-of-mouth advertising works!

3. Couldn’t agree more!

4. There you go! Suggestions are here too!

5. Epic!

6. He might as well have!

7. The magic of social media!

8. Tussi killed it, Paaji!

And didn’t Leo Burnett, the advertising world stalwart, say “Make it simple. Make it memorable.” Looks like these guys got it right!