Posh Society In Pune Instructs Maids, Milk Men To Use Separate Lifts, Twitter Is Divided

You might have seen several malls, hospitals, and even hotels have separate lifts for guests and staff members. Taking notes from them, several housing societies have also started instructing the house helps, newspaper guys, laundrymen, and other vendors to use a separate lift.

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While some of them sure have valid reasons for this classification, the lack of proper reasoning can often come across as classist and a clear case of bigotry.

Recently, a man came across a note pasted above the lifts in one of the posh societies of Pune. The note instructed housemaids to use lifts marked ‘C’ or ‘D’, while labourers, painters, milkmen, courier guys, pets et cetera were told to use lift marked ‘D’ only.

The man named Sandeep Manudhane thought it was unfair and slammed the practice.

As soon as his tweet went viral, people shared their two cents on the matter. Some thought it was a deliberate act to keep the workers separate from the people living in the society.

However, others vouched there were legit utilitarian reasons for doing so.

While the internet is divided, what do you have to say about it?

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