8km In 9 Mins! Pune Police Help Critically Ill Patient Reach Hospital From Airport In Record Time

Our Indian Police force gets a lot of flak for being lazy, corrupt, unprofessional etc at times. Or rather that has become the general public opinion. However, there have been multiple occasions where they have risen above and beyond their call of duty. Hence credit has to be given where it is due.

And this is one such occasion where they reminded us of their heroic on-screen counterparts.

A twitter user reached out to the Pune Police force on the 10th of March, requesting their cooperation for road clearance to transport a criticality injured patient from Pune Airport to the Ruby Hall Clinic.

Jai Jethawa, who had posted the tweet, was grateful to receive an almost immediate response from the police force. The twitter handle of the Pune Police force was quick to contact him and assured him that they would look into the matter.

Jethawa later tweeted that he had been contacted via phone by an officer and that he was updating them with the exact time of arrival, ambulance number and contact person information.

What followed was truly cinematic and is sure to remind you of the 2016 Bollywood movie, ‘Traffic‘.

In a show of absolute efficiency, the Pune police were successful in transporting the patient a distance of 8 km in a mere 9 minutes.

Jethawa expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the police force for their timely action.

He also confirmed that the patient had reached the hospital on time and was being given the required treatment.

The twitter account for the police force proceeded to post a screenshot compilation of the exchanges and accepted Jethawas gratitude with utmost graciousness.

They also showed their online prowess with a callback to the popular hashtag #EveryLifeMatters.

Looks like times are changing and we must rethink our prejudice against the police force as well. Twitter is definitely playing a big part in the rebranding of the law-keepers, like how Mumbai police have been killing it on social media with their hilarious tweets. Kudos to you sirs and madams, may this be a sign of a new dawn.

We may still have hope after all.

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