Pune Man Suspects Alien Activity Outside His Home, Sends Alert To PM Modi

The hush-hush saga of spotting suspicious crop circles and alien sightings is not a new one. After all, spotting a real-live ‘ET’ (extraterrestrial) is a childhood dream so many of us harbor! Alas, most of the supposed ‘alien sightings‘ these days must be taken with a pinch of salt. This is precisely why the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) was shocked to receive an email from a man in Pune about one such sighting.

The man is a resident of Kothrud who wrote that he had seen an “alien object” outside his house. The mail was forwarded by the Prime Minister’s Office to the Maharashtra government. This is when they sought a deeper probe into the matter. Soon, the local police got involved.

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An official attached to the Sinhgad Road police station affirmed that the cops were given instructions to look into the matter, according to NDTV. The police tracked down the sender of the email a few days ago.

“The man had had brain hemorrhage some years ago and since then he has lost his mental balance.

A couple of months ago he saw light in the trees outside his bungalow and thought it was coming from some alien object,” said the officer.

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He felt certain that this “alien object” was sending critical information about Earth to its home planet. He hurried off mail the PMO seeking investigation because he feared national security, the officer said.

“Even his family members were not aware that he had sent such an email,” elaborated the officer.

As a result, the cops in Pune went on a wild goose chase for the 47 years old man was clearly disturbed and suffering from a mental illness.

Well, perhaps the next whisper of alien activity shall be legit. Let’s hope for a UFO sighting come New Year shall we?

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