Desi Twitter Extends Help To Elderly Couple Selling Matki Bhel On The Streets Of Pune


Earlier today, the story of 86-year-old Chhanga Lal Baba who sells Bhelpuri for Rs.5 in Faridabad went viral. People from various parts of the country extended help to the elderly man and his family who were struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic.

Now, as part of the ongoing #BabaKaDhaba movement, the residents of Pune are gathering support for another elderly couple selling Chivda Matki Bhel for Rs.20 on Satara Road.

Desi Twitter lauded the movement and reiterated that we should do whatever we can to support roadside vendors and small eateries near our homes.

Kindness really does make the world go round. Thank you, Pune residents for inspiring us to help vendors in our own localities.

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