Man Asks Pune Police For Woman’s Number; Cops Respond To His Tweet


In recent years, the Indian police force has really upped their social media game. Tech-savvy cops not only have savages responses for culprits but also have hilarious warnings for victims on digital platforms. From using Wing Commander’s “I am not supposed to tell you this” to tweeting about a huge marijuana bust, the police are efficiently using modern technology to handle crime.

Recently, a law student from Pune approached the city police on Twitter. She inquired about the phone number of Dhanori police station in the city, reports News 18.

Check out her Tweet:

Pune Police obliged to her request and promptly provided her with the contact information:

After the cops provided the woman with the number, a Twitter user had the nerve to ask the authorities for the said student’s number:

Pune police had a befitting reply for the over smart man:

People really appreciated the cop’s savage response:

Many people were also concerned about the intentions of the man and asked the police to take appropriate action against him:

This is not the first time Pune police has promptly replied to a tweet. Previously, they had helped a critically ill patient quickly reach the hospital after a concerned person had tweeted about it. Kudos to the Pune police for being so active and vigilant on social media.

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