This Pune Band Plants A Tree For Every Audience Member And Has Planted 1500 Trees So Far

“We believe a tree has a special characteristic of bringing everyone together unconditionally. All of us have a responsibility towards the earth.” – Abhishek Kawitkar

These aren’t words of any environmentalist, but that of a musician.

What does a musician have to do with trees? The Artists India’s Music have come with an incredibly unique initiative, ‘Under The Tree’.  Yes, their concerts are held under a tree but what is amazing is that for every audience member present for their concert, this band plants a tree.

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The seeds of this initiative were planted two months and the band has tied up with an NGO called ‘Tree Public Foundation’.


This band from Pune has planted a whopping 1500 trees. During their first concert which drew an audience of 500, the band planted 500 trees themselves. During the group’s second concert which was held on 24th of April 2016, they saw a turnout of 1000 people.

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The best part about the whole idea is that they make sure those trees are looked after and that their survival is ensured.

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A novel message through the roots of music 🙂

News Source: The Indian Express

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