PUMA’s New Video Is A Fun Yet Powerful Reminder To All Women Who Are Told How To Be ‘Proper’

Dear women, is your life a series of do’s and don’ts dictated by others? When was the last time you lived a life entirely on your terms? Well, it’s time to tell society that instead of ‘proper’, you’d rather be ‘propah’!

It’s hard to point out a woman who has never been instructed on how to live her own life. From a very young age, we are told to behave a certain way. Sit properly, chew silently, talk softly, always smile – these are some rules that we need to follow to become ‘proper women’.

Anybody who questions these rules or decides to act differently is branded as ‘unwomanly’. And what’s worse? For the longest time, we thought this was true! But not anymore.

For anyone who has been suppressed, suffocated, and pulled down by the weight of all the don’ts that have governed your life, PUMA urges you to break free from all that is ‘proper’ and be a ‘Propah Lady’ instead – a woman who is whatever she wants to be.

Bringing together for the first time, women who have created new grounds for themselves, like the eight-time World Champion Mary Kom, national sprinting champ Dutee Chand, actress Sara Ali Khan, and Lakme Fashion Week’s 1st transgender model Anjali Lama, PUMA’s new ‘Propah Lady’ campaign is moving, inspiring, empowering and how!

Watch the video here before we dig deeper:

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The video is immensely powerful and is already creating waves online. So many of us have grown up hearing how we should behave more ‘lady-like’. From our everyday choices to our opinions, even our smallest of actions have been judged. The video is a true reflection of all things we could and should be and hence has struck a chord with women on multiple levels.

PUMA’s ‘Propah Lady’ video captures the essence of being a woman in such a fun way! A lot of our experiences and desires are subtly expressed through tiny yet interesting details. Here are some of our favourite Easter eggs from the video:

1. The video begins with a realistic representation of how a woman’s life would be like if she were a computer. Software like ‘How To Be A Proper Lady’ with programs like ‘Laugh Properly’, ‘Sit Properly’, and ‘Be Elegant’ will be the first to get installed!

But there comes a time when the system needs an upgrade & the whole status-quo comes crashing down. Much like the program files that freezes upon installing propah_lady.exe.

2. You just can’t miss this scene where two women are rocking sports shoes with traditional saris because…COMFORT!

3. Another scene totally reminds us of the episode from Friends where Phoebe runs funnily without having a care in the world.

4. This woman inspiring her toddler daughter to do push-ups is the kind of badass mom I want to become!

5. Push-up bras are only meant for young women. Not.

6. We like how Dutee Chand wears pink – a colour generally regarded as delicate, soft, and gentle, during her hardcore workout.

7. For a ‘Propah Lady’, age is just a number. šŸ¤˜

8. At the end, the Puma logo sporting a pink skirt speaks louder than words. Nice touch!

9. Now that we have imbibed all the ‘propah’ qualities, a new software gets uploaded…with an adorable cat wearing PUMA shoes, of course! (hi-five to subtle branding)

If you are someoneĀ who feels your life belongs to others more than yourself, if your little quirks are ridiculed instead of celebrated, if you have hidden your true self thinking about ‘log kya kahenge’, here’s PUMA telling you that only YOU get to decide who you want to be. It’s time we celebrate ourselves and help other women do the same.

So dear ladies, share this video with anyone who needs to see this and be reminded that they are ‘propah’.