Pug Dressed In Traditional Malayali ‘Kalli Mundu’ Seeks A Bride, See Adorable Pics

Earlier, working from home felt like a dream come true, but now I feel, office he better hai yaar. So while I was mindlessly scrolling through my feed to divert myself, I saw this adorable picture that calmed me down a bit.

It’s of a cute little pug, dressed in a traditional Malayali outfit commonly known as ‘Kalli Mundu’.

The dog parents have dressed their handsome hunk for some traditional festivities and shared the picture on Facebook. Apparently, they’re looking to get their handsome Malayali boy married to a beautiful bride.

Sharing the lovely pictures of the dog, a Twitter user wrote:

People online were gushing on this pyara bacchcha. This is how they reacted:

In another dog parents’ group, we also found a pretty mommy-to-be dressed like a queen, ready for her baby shower.

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Indian parents have been outdoing themselves by showering so much love on their pets. And in turn, these furry munchkins have been helping us keep stress at bay and survive the pandemic and quarantine.

Looking at this, I’m sure that sooner or later, animal cruelty will decline in the country!

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