Woman Becomes Published Author At 83 & Proves Dreams Have No Cut-Off Age, Twitter Showers Love

Life is a marathon, not a sprint race. Time and again, many courageous people dare to dream and succeed well beyond society’s expectations. For instance, people online tweeted happy stories of how they found love in their 30s or how many celebrities actually found success in life after their 40s.

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A Twitter user @MaryVMacauley adorably announcing her achievement that she became a newly published author at the age of 83. In her first tweet, she revealed that she is nervous trying out Twitter and is doing so at the insistence of her editor. She stated that she wanted to show young people that they can do this at any age, before hilariously asking how to ‘log out’ from the platform.

Her sense of humor continued as she asked if there are any emojis available that have only two books instead of a stack.

Continuing her inspiring journey, she posted a simple 3-line tweet in which she recalled that she “couldn’t even send an email” not too long ago and how she is proud of herself.

People online dropped many sweet reactions for the lady:

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1. Some users shared similar stories as well.

2. Another user bought her work and shared one of the pages.

3. As others cheered for her, the author also mentioned her supportive family.

4. Truly inspirational, not just for the author community, but everyone!

5. You are never ‘too old’ and it’s never ‘too late’, if you set your heart to it!

Finally, she thanked everyone for their wonderful wishes.

Let this be the inspiration you needed today!

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