15 Daily Struggles Of People Who Travel By Public Transport

I have to say, people who use public transport for their daily commute are the real, true heroes. Catching the bus/train on time, being able to find a seat, making sure to get off at your stop even when you’re buried deep among the herd of passengers…it’s a real struggle. Not to mention the extended amount of time it takes to reach work at peak hours. Phew!

Following are the struggles of being a regular public transport user.

1. Missing your bus/train is a constant cause of worry for you

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And nope. Shahrukh Khan won’t be waiting at the other end to help you in.


2. “Am I sitting in the wrong bus?” is something you ask yourself often

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And you have to confirm with other people around.


3. You start making battle plans to find a seat

Image source

Please don’t let me have to stand, please don’t let me have to stand.


4. If you accidentally have to stand beside a sweaty, smelly person

Image source

You maybe Arm Pitt, Brad Pitt’s brother. But No, sir. I do not wish to smell your underarms.


5. Balancing yourself while trying to get the fare out of your wallet is a challenge in itself

Image source

Stick your hack to the pole, take the wallet out…balance!


6. You keep asking people to sit on the seat and not on you

Image source

Bhai, kyun mere upar baith raha hai?


7. People talking loudly are just…

Image source

Why God, why? Why can’t I have peace of mind?


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8. And just when they stop talking somebody has to play a song loudly

Image source

Random stranger, meet earphones.


9. When somebody falls asleep on your shoulders:

Image source


10. And then enters that person with the heavy bag – puts bag on your lap – smiles and you be like:

Image source


11. You have to keep staring out of the window to check for your stop

Image source


12. You are relieved to see your stop finally approaching

Image source


But not relieved to see the crowd at the entrance



13.  You try to push your way out of the crowd without stepping on anybody’s foot

Image source

Impossible task, but you still try.


14.  When you finally get off the bus/train, you take a deep breath

Image source

And heave a sigh of relief… until the next time you have to board it again.


15. In the end, you know you’re helping the environment by travelling by public transport


A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transport ~Enrique Penalosa

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