Ahmedabad Police Bans PUBG In The City, Violators To Be Prosecuted Under Section 188 Of IPC

It is safe to assume that the online multiplayer game PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is not just a mere ‘craze’. By definition, a craze has short-lived popularity. But PUBG has literally swept the entire nation showing no signs of fading. There have been many cases of teenagers stealing money or committing suicide in connection with it. Which is probably why educational institutions like VIT as well as the Rajkot police have debarred people from playing it.

In January 2019, the Gujarat government had issued a circular asking schools to enforce a ban on PUBG. Now, the Ahmedabad police have issued a notification prohibiting the game from March 14 till the midnight of March 28.

Ahmedabad police commissioner, AK Singh, told DNA India that,

“Keeping in mind public safety and security, and to ensure that law and order situation is maintained, a ban is placed on playing PUBG and Momo challenge in Ahmedabad city police limits.”

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In an interview with the Ahmedabad Mirror, the police commissioner revealed the reason behind this step saying,

“Our idea is not to raid houses but we want to raise a red flag towards the dark side-effects of the game as they emerge.”

The notification states that anyone found in violation of it will be prosecuted under section 188 of the IPC. The aim of this move is to curb violent tendencies and addiction among some players. Also, it is hoped that it will raise awareness among parents and students will no longer be distracted from their studies.

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