After Parents Deny PUBG, 16 YO Fakes Own Kidnapping & Demands ₹3 Lakh Ransom

When someone is preparing for the IIT-JEE, they often restrict the time they spend on social media and online games to breaks and weekends as it allows them to concentrate better and study without distractions.

The parents of 16-year-old Arman Hussain from Telangana tried to do the same by taking away his phone and disallowing PUBG as it was negatively impacting his grades. But instead of improving his grades and getting back his privileges, he decided to do something extreme.

According to The Times of India, he left home on October 11 but didn’t return. He faked his own kidnapping and called his mother pretending to be the kidnapper. He further demanded a ransom of Rs.3 lakh.

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His parents contacted the Raidurgam police station and apprised them of all the details including the fact that on October 12, they received an online ticket confirmation for a bus from Hyderabad to Macherla (where the student’s grandparents resided) in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. With this information, the cops were able to locate him.

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Deccan Chronicle quoted police inspector S. Ravinder saying,

“The boy borrowed a mobile phone from a passerby and called his mother. He changed his voice and told her that her son was kidnapped and asked for a ransom of Rs.3 lakh. The boy was depressed and undergoing what looked like withdrawal symptoms. He was traced to MGBS at around 5 pm on Saturday and was handed over to his parents and advised to provide counseling.”

We hope that he can successfully strike a balance between studies and games in the future.

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