The New PlayStation 5 Is Here And People Are Giving It The Meme Treatment!

Ever since I remember, my little brother has always dreamt about owning a PlayStation. However, every time I ask him the reason behind it, he tells me I won’t understand the importance of a good gaming console.

Speaking of which, Sony recently revealed the design of its next-generation console PlayStation 5, reports the Indian Express. Millions of people globally joined the digital-only event where they showed two models of the PS5 – a regular one and a digital edition. 

However, the price of the console has not yet been announced. But it is estimated to be priced anywhere between $400 to $500 (Approximately Rs. 30k to 40k).

Many people who were eagerly waiting to purchase the PS5 joked about how they would have to sell a body part to own the new console:

Several others were left unimpressed with the new design. People joked about the next-generation, DualSense controller.

Oh God, I still don’t understand the hype! Do you fancy owning a PlayStation? Is it really that good? Tell us!

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