Daughter Fulfills Dad’s Life-Long Wish Of Buying A Car Post His Demise, Pens Emotional Post

A lot of children have an innate desire to make their parents proud and happy with their achievements. And even more special is the father-daughter bond. From an Andhra Pradesh cop who saluted his daughter who was the BSP, to a fruit seller’s daughter topping Bihar class 12 boards to give a better life to her parents, we have come across so many inspirational stories.

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A user @ashaharidas tweeted shared an emotional post sharing the story of her late father, who waited for over 30 years for a brand new car for a special reason. The proud dad wanted his daughters to buy one and drive him around. Check it out:

Here’s how people responded to the beautiful story:

  1. Best feeling in the world!

 2. Inspiration to fight through life’s challenges!

3. Others showered love

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