Artist Makes A Mermaid Sit In A Giant Pothole In Bengaluru For A Unique Protest


City and potholes. Quite a weird combo, right? But then can you name one Indian city which doesn’t have a single pothole? Obviously, the answer is no.

The funny (not in a good way, though) bit is that the cosmo cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, et al have potholes every step of the way. Raising her voice was RJ Maliksha whose viral song echoed with the masses.

And, it is because of these potholes that there are countless cases of minor and major accidents. Some reported, most are not. Look at this scary pothole of Bengaluru.

But looks like Bengalureans have a unique way to show that they’re done with the city and it’s life-claiming potholes.

As a protest, they have turned a mammoth pothole, right in the middle of a road in Cubbon Park Junction, into a mermaid’s living space.

Created by artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy, this move was done in order to catch the government’s attention and we think certainly it will.

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In a makeshift mermaid home, which doesn’t by any chance resemble Altantis (Ariel’s home in The Little Mermaid), there sits this pretty mermaid posing for the cameras as the city goes about doing its own thing.

The artist and the citizens just want the potholes that are as good as death-holes fixed before it claims any more lives.

“I am just highlighting the issues. I want them to fix the potholes.”

There have been reported cases of deaths and many accidents at city’s weathered roads.

The artist has, in the past too, added his creative touch to the city’s potholes by creating a graffiti around them.

And of course, he was the one who turned a pothole into a crocodile pond to draw attention.

This is some way to catch the attention.

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