Man Plans A Day Full Of Surprises Before Proposing To His GF Who Is A Proposal Planner Herself

Proposals are something that reflects the love and affection towards your loved one as it takes a lot of hard work and brainstorming. And people earlier raised the bar very high by planning some surprise wedding proposals that ended up with a lot of waterworks.

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Well, here’s another guy who has outdone himself by planning the cutest and dreamiest proposal for his girl. The pressure on him was even more as his GF was a ‘proposal planner’ herself by profession.

Taking to Instagram, the lucky girl shared detailed videos of how her man planned an entire day full of surprises and engaging activities for her before finally going down on his knees and asking THE question.

In the first of the three videos, the woman shared that her guy pretended that he was going to Goa with his friends but instead, he flew to Delhi to surprise her after she returned from her trip.

He even changed her phone’s wallpaper to a poem he wrote for her. “It said that he had planned a full day of surprises for me, and it ended with a very important question he had to ask me.” This gesture made her teary-eyed. She captioned the first video:

“Having planned over 400 proposals, I always imagined how it would feel being on the other side. I could’ve never thought it would turn out this beautiful, so thoughtful! Every single part of the proposal was filled with tiny little details – just how I like it.”


In the second part of her video story, the guy planned a treasure hunt around Delhi and dropped all the clues. He told her to get ready and gave her the same clothes she was wearing the day they first met. Apparently, he wore the same clothes.

The first clue was the airport where they first met and had a tea date. For this, he even bought tickets to enter the airport to enact their memorable first meet.

The second clue was food. They went to their favorite dumpling place. But before that, he gave her a pretty red dress to change in.

The third clue was: ‘The place we let our inner child out’ i.e. the gaming arcade. Here, they played their hearts out before he gave her a rose-shaped ring box pretending that it was the proposal. But funnily, it was a false alarm.

He then took her to get her hair and nails done. Making her ready for THE moment. The next clue was the place where they first discussed taking things ahead. On reaching the location, there was a gorgeous dress and a pair of heels waiting for her along with a note that read ‘get ready by 7’.

Watch the second part here:

In the third and final video, it was time to pop the question. Knowing how much her company means to her, the guy used the help of her staff at her event company and executed the proposal set up with them. Later that evening, she was taken to the beautifully decked property (their favorite) with a blindfold on.

He picked up one of her favorite set up and the aisle was filled with cute little promises.

He wrote ‘Marry Me’ with pizzas and fries.

Then it was time for the magical moment everyone waited for. He went down on one knee with the ring.

She captioned the video:

“Popping the question to a proposal planner can come with a lot of pressure. But he went above and beyond to make sure that this proposal was everything I could ever have wished for. Ever single thing was so thoughtful, reflected our story, and most of it all, filled with love. I’m still not over it.”


This dreamy proposal took everyone’s breath away who showered love on the couple.

This is hands down the most romantic, fun, and overwhelming proposal I have come across. Lots of love to the couple. Have you taken inspo from this proposal?

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