10 Quotes On Promises That Will Make You Remember Yours

For those who ponder over the worth of a promise in today’s world, sometimes, it gets hard not to lose sleep over the words not kept. Here goes a few quotes on promises, kept or otherwise.

1. Jennifer Donnelly in A Northern Light…

promise1Guess the author was talking about those who spend a lifetime guarding a promise that wasn’t worth keeping.


2. Writes Jarod Kintz in This Book is Not FOR SALE.


The ugliest irony of promises…


3. Pierce Brown, Golden Son


Especially the ones that talk of the stars…


4. In Bernard Baruch’s words


No words given, no words lost.


5.  Dire Straits, Romeo and Juliet 


You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they hold


6. In the words of Robert W. Service.


So, is the debt ever written off?


7. The poet, Hal Borland, writes about promises


The seasons are promise bound – us, not so much.

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8. Words by Edgar Watson Howe..


Don’t ever trust those promises unspoken


9. An Arabian Proverb…


It doesn’t rain much in Arab nations, does it?


10. Something to look forward to according to David Nicholas


And we keep running to that light all our lives


11. Mark Twain hits where it matters…


Because some people don’t even have pieces of broken promises to hold on to.


12. From yours truly…



Just for promise’ sake – nothing else.

Every promise ever broken, had died discrete – like the scream of a butterfly.

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