Mummy Ki Kasam: People Tweet Memes Celebrating Promise Day In Valentine’s Week

No matter what your relationship status is, you probably already know that Valentine’s week started with Rose Day on February 7, 2021, and today is the 5th day of the celebration i.e. Promise Day. And even if you think the entire week is just a marketing gimmick or that love should be celebrated the entire year-round instead of just in ‘the month of love’ or are simply not that cheesy, we ‘promise’ you Twitter is the place to be. The numerous hilarious takes on the day will infinitely brighten up your usual Thursday, mummy ki kasam.

Here are some memes on how fake promises can be if they are made just for the sake of this day.

And of course, the singlehood memes, because self-deprecating humour is the best.

What Valentine’s week means for foodies.

What it means to Chartered Accountants.

Last but not the least, a different and more meaningful way to celebrate the day.

Are you doing anything special on Promise Day? What are your plans?

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