Indo-Pak Couple Writes ‘Project Milaap Begins’ On Engagement Cake Inspired By ‘Main Hoon Na’

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is infamous. Be it a cricket match or any other event, people of these countries become furious when they are competing against each other. They even keep coming up with new ways to harass each other.

Since this hatred sometimes goes out of hand, some keep trying to bring these countries together in the little ways possible. Earlier, India-Pakistan cricket fans united and danced to ‘Pasoori’ together.

Now, a couple is trying to bring these countries together by being the messenger of love.

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A Pakistani woman fell in love with an Indian guy and soon they decided to put a ring on it. On the day of their engagement, the couple ordered a cake and gave it a filmy twist by writing ‘#Project Milaap Begins’ on it inspired by the Bollywood movie ‘Main Hoon Na’.

For the unversed, ‘Project Milaap’ was the name of a secret operation in the film aimed at de-escalating tensions between India and Pakistan.

So, basically, the couple thought of their union as a mission to encourage love and harmony between the two countries.

Taking to Twitter, the sister of the bride named Mishal shared a picture of the thoughtful cake and wrote:

“My sister just got engaged to her Indian boyfriend so you know we had to address the elephant in the room somehow.” (sic)

People thought it was cute of the couple for trying to make peace between the rival countries. Some even wanted the couple to have a ‘prom night’ as one of their pre-wedding functions just like in the movie.

I think the intention behind this is wonderful. What do you think?

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