From Journalists To Engineers, Desi Twitter Lists The Most Empowering Things About Their Professions


“I love my job.” Irrespective of how much I crib about the long hours and extra workload to my bestie, I am immensely proud of what I do. And, honestly, who isn’t? No matter how much we complain about our professions, somewhere down the line we chose our respective fields because it speaks to us. And, this is exactly why people online are sharing the good virtues of their profession.

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Recently, twitter user @MasalaBai asked people to name the most empowering thing about their profession and many obliged proudly. 


From scientists to teachers, many people spoke about the robust powers their jobs possess.

  1. Lawyer – A person who brings justice to others.  

2. Psychiatrist – Someone who can take care of your mental health. 


3. Scientist – A person whose breakthrough research can change the future of the world. 

4. Ph.D. researcher – A person whose academic research can benefit many others. 

5. Public Health – Something that affects our society at large. 

6. Engineers – Someone who has the power to shape the world. 

7. Teacher – A person whose knowledge can shape a child’s future. 

8. Software Developer – A person whose codes can help build a brighter future. 

9. Fundraising – An activity that benefits the needy. 

10. Food Scientist – Someone who helps reduce wastage of precious food. 

11. Activism – Benefits society at large. 

12. Editor – A saviour for many writers.

13. Photographer – A person who helps us see the world through a different lens. 

14. Designer – Someone who helps turn your creative visions into reality. 

Well, I love my profession because it helps me deliver powerful and impactful news to so many people. How about you? Tell us the most empowering thing about your job!

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