6 Professional Beggars In India Who Are Probably Richer Than You & I

Over the last 10 years, the rich have got richer and the beggars have reappeared on the streets. They are professional beggars of a new breed. Yes, and they are doing it very nicely.

When we see beggars on traffic signals, temples, footpaths or outside restaurants, we are filled with remorse, we pity them and hope for them to have a better life. However, this article will certainly change your mind.

Although India has many people living under the poverty line, the act of begging that actually happen are systemized and practised properly. There are certain gangs in every city and they have a gang leader who manages the whole group. All the earnings that the beggars receive go the gang leader and this is how it works.

Our country has no scarcity for beggars and nor does it have for the scams at the same time.

Here’s a list of few super rich beggars in India, who own apartments, have lots of properties and a huge bank balance. But still they are living the life, they started.

1. Bharat Jain: India’s richest beggar

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Bharat, a 49-year old beggar mostly works in the Parel region in Mumbai. Apart from owning two apartments valued at 70 lakhs each, he rents a juice shop there and earns 10,000 as monthly rent. He works as a professional beggar and earns approximately Rs 60,000 per month. Bharat lives with his father, wife, brother and two sons who are studying in Class X and XII.
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2. Krishna Kumar Gite: Owns a flat worth Rs 5 lakhs

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He begs near Charni Road, Mumbai and owns a flat worth Rs 5 lakhs at Nallasopara where he lives with his brother.
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3. Sarvatia Devi: Pays Rs 36,000 as insurance premium annually

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Sarvatia Devi stays behind Ashok Cinemas, Patna and is one of the most famous female beggars of this country. She pays Rs 36,000 as insurance premium annually and even had her daughter married. She has travelled across the country and even been on pilgrimage to many holy places.
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4. Sambhaji Kale: Owner of a flat in Solapur

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He is the owner of a flat, two individual houses and a piece of land in Solapur. Not only that, he has also made some investments worth thousands and around half a lakh in the bank.

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5. Laxmi Das: Has a bank account with a huge bank balance

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Laxmi Das began begging at Kolkata in 1964 when she was only 16. She has spent her remaining life begging but has saved whatever she could. And now 50 years later she has a bank account to her name with a huge bank balance.
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6. Massu/Malana: Takes an auto-rickshaw to reach his begging spot

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The ‘cool’ Massu takes an auto-rickshaw, reaches his begging spot, changes his clothes, begs for 8-10 hours, takes an auto back home. How wonderful it must be, to be this talented.
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There are many others like them who can even throw you challenges with their monthly income.

With so much government schemes for rehabilitation, it this continues then who is responsible for all this?

It’s a fact that the politicians of India aren’t going to do anything about it. So ‘we’ need to act and stop making begging a major revenue eater of this country.

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