Man Seen As Security Threat To President In Guwahati Was Just A Prof Trying To Help A 6 YO Kid

Sometimes, if you want your voice to be heard above all the noise and fall on the right ears, you may have to cross some limits. It might ruffle a few feathers, probably even get you in trouble with the law, but desperation can be a powerful motivator. This was quite evident during President Ram Nath Kovind’s recent Guwahati visit.

On November 20th, President Ram Nath Kovind was the honourary guest at a civic reception organised by Gauhati University (GU) in association with Assam Government.

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As the President was about to finish his address, a man from the audience rushed towards the dais and caused quite a flurry amongst the President’s security personnel and the Assam Police present during the event.

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Within seconds, the man was surround by law enforcement and the security team, and escorted outside the hall.

However, what was perceived as a possible security threat was in fact a desperate plea for help.

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According to India Today, the man, one Krishna Kamal Das, just wanted the to deliver a letter to the President. Before Das, who is a lecturer at a college in Guwahati, was escorted outside, one of the President’s security personnel got hold of the letter.

After clearing it as safe, the letter was handed over to the President’s Secrertary, Sanjay Kothari.

In the letter addressed to the President was a plea to help six-year-old Satvik Agarwal, who was battling for his life after being in a horrible accident last week.

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On November 15th, Satvik was returning home from school with his mother on a two wheeler when they were hit by a Delhi Public School Guwahati bus.

Currently in a private hospital, little Satvik is in critical condition and needs to undergo several major surgeries. His parents have been seeking financial aid to keep up with his treatment.

Das read about the incident on social media. Once he found out about the Prez visit, he decided to try and seek his help.

On having read the letter, President Kovind requested the Assam State Government officials to offer every help that the family needed. Das was then escorted by Additional DGP of Assam Police, Harmit Singh, to Raj Bhavan to meet with Kovind.

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There, Das was assured by Secretary Kothari that he would personally visit Satvik at the hospital.

And true to his word, around 10 pm that very day, Kothari and several other officials paid a visit to Satvik and promised aid to hisĀ  family!

This incident makes you wonder how amazing a simple gesture by a stranger can actually set some major events in motion.

Das had no personal motive to help the Agarwals except for the good in his heart. And now, he has given six-year-old Satvik a fighting chance.

And when the nation’s leaders strive to offer real, tangible help to its citizens, it is always a heartening scene to witness.

Let us all hope Das’ efforts and the President’s aid brings Satvik back home, all hale and hearty!