9 Productivity Hacks Smart People Use That You Should Steal Right Now


It’s the name of the bird everybody is chasing and everybody wants to catch. But a few people somehow do manage to cage this bird and are known to be the most successful people on the planet.

Here are a few secrets that they hold true to themselves to be more productive that you definitely should steal.

1. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t use a To-Do list. They use a scheduler

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Maintaining a To-Do List sounds very productive at first, but soon you end up with a long list of undone tasks, each nagging at the back of your mind. Smart people get things done by scheduling each task for a particular time, day and date. Try it. It’s more effective.


2. They complete the most unappealing jobs first

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This technique is called “Eat the frog”. No, not literally, though, it can be interpreted as the most unappealing thing to do and in the technical world, there are a lot of things you don’t want to do but yet have to. What should you do when you’re in a fix like that? Successful people suggest that you finish them off as quickly as possible before turning to your other tasks.


3. They abide by the two-minute rule

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If it takes less than two minutes, then do it now. High performers don’t procrastinate a task if it can be done immediately and quickly, usually within 2 minutes.


4. They follow the 20-20-20 principle for skyrocketing productivity

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The concept is to keep yourself sharp and focused as well as comfortable. Working for too long at a stretch not only strains your eyes but also strains your thinking capability.

20-20-20 rule states that after every 20 minutes of focused work, take a break of 20 seconds by looking at an object that’s 20 feet away. You can also take a minute off to stretch or walk up to the water cooler.


5. Instead of relying on power banks and chargers, they buy phones with longer battery life

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They do not understand the concept of lugging around unimportant things which do not contribute to their efficiency. They prefer choosing technology which complements their well-organized lifestyle, and by that logic, go for a phone which has a higher chance at being available for use longer, as in has a great battery life.

Asus Zenphone Max is one of those rare phones which provides you with a 5,000 mAh battery power (easily lasts for 2-3 days) which frees you from the dread of finding a charging point or carrying incompetent power banks which need additional charging too with more wires to plug around.



6. They have designated time of their day kept for checking e-mails

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They set aside specified the amount of time in the day to check their e-mails so that the most urgent job is tackled first and then they can concentrate on their work with minimum distractions.


7. They tend to drink a lot of water

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Keeping oneself hydrated is the easiest way of keeping oneself healthy. It keeps you fresh, energetic  and plus it gives you a chance to break off a bit from the screen for a few seconds and helps your thoughts to reroute towards what you have to do in a new way.


8. They tell other people of their plans, hence become accountable for completing them

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They tell other people about what they’ve been planning to do. Other people being aware of yours intentions creates a little pressure on you to complete that particular task in the same manner as you talked about. This is a great psychological game to play on yourself.


9. They note down micro-thoughts almost immediately

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And that’s why they always keep a notepad and a pen handy (or an app on their phone to take notes) because they know for sure that micro-thoughts can’t be recollected. You don’t want to miss on that brilliant idea that just struck you.

Now that you know the tricks, go get productive! 🙂

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