10 Real Life Problems Of People Who Don’t Talk Much

Sweety Sharma goes- “You know what happened when I got off the auto while coming to office? A bird decorated my hair, and not in a good way. But the most embarrassing part, my crush walked past just then and saw me! Such a terrible start. But then hey, I bought a pack of mint chocolates to feel better. Do you want some? They just freshen up your mouth like, you know, like, oh what the hell, like mint of course! ha ha hahaha ha! Hey, come on, try it. Try it I order ya! Why are you depressed? You are not saying anything!”

And I be like- What?, Oh. Oh. Ohh.  No. Okay. Noo! On the inside though, I’m wondering what would it be like to paste the duct tape around that mouth that never shuts up.

People who just can’t jibber jabber unlike you know, Sweety in this case, know how exhausting their daily life can be. So I present to you, daily struggles of people who just can’t. They can’t.

1. You so badly want to speak but just don’t know how to hit it off

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All you can manage is a, ”aa”. Wait for a good minute to come up with the right words, and then with no success whatsoever, just walk off.


2. People think you are depressed. All the time

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You might be. But then usually, you just don’t have the knack to hop around everywhere talking about what you did on the weekend.


3. When the jabber tribe has problems and they garner instant attention by crying about them…

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You wish how much easier it would have been for you if you too could pour your heart out so easily instead of weeping in lonesomeness.


4. You want to get noticed…

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But then you don’t know how to declare it to your office pals that you won the Karate championship, let alone do it excitedly.


5. Because you don’t usually joke around, they tag you as the misfit

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This is more so true in the office environment, or when you are meeting your cousins.


6. You are, more often than not, the one who easily gets ignored

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You say something in your usual tone, and they be like, nothing. No reaction. They tend to go deaf when you speak up.


7. You always have an opinion; you just don’t know how to say it out loud

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And so in their eyes, you instantly become the one who lacks leadership skills.


8. But hey, when it comes to your true friends, you can go on like her

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Why exhaust ourselves by throwing bouncers of words at any one who does not matter?


9. And in case you failed to observe, people who jabber less tend to gossip less

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Is not that always better? Plus, your chuddy buddies trust you blindly with their crazy secrets. And that makes you a hit.


10. And finally, you have a filter naturally installed in your brain

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You think before you speak. And that saves you a lot of trouble and brings a lot of genuine love.
So it may not be all glory for those who just can’t jabber but, it is not that bad either. It is basically a good flaw and a weakness only if you choose to see it as one. It is generally observed that those who chit-chat less, think more and those who think more, vent their thoughts through creative and performing arts. Does not this flaw make you feel heavenly now?

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