35 Satirical Illustrations Which Show The Ugly Face Of Society Everyone Is Ignoring!

There’s no doubt that our society is plagued with problems like dependence on technology, taxes, obesity, devaluation of workers etc. But that is not the real threat. The real threat is the fact that we refuse to acknowledge these problems to justify our addiction to them. On the other hand, artist John Holocraft looks at these problems without batting an eyelid and presents them is a very creative and satirical way.

So let’s take a few minutes out of our lives and get out of the denial we have been living in. I’m sure these illustrations will help.

1. The self-validation we look for online.


2. Voluntarily destroying our health.


3. What a common man has to go through to get justice.


4. We become what we eat.


5. Is our mind with us?


6. Who are you fooling?


7. The blame chain.


8. Where are your roots?


9. Sucking it out of our economy.


10. The painful death of literature.


11. Money controls everything.


12. What mask are you putting on today?


13. In order to be fast, we have become slower than ever.


14. Social media controls both our mind and body.


15. You never know the face behind the screen.


16. Because the world doesn’t give a damn.


17. We need to realise that our planet is indispensable.


18. Can money buy happiness?

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19. Women are looked at like a piece of meat!


20. The fancy packaging doesn’t make it healthy my friends.


21. The common man chained by contracts.


22. Is love a trap?


23. What are we teaching our young minds?


24. Now that USA has withdrawn from Paris Agreement


25. The fear to be cut out of the corporate set up. Everyone is replaceable.


26. When are we going to look up?


27. Look beyond what they WANT you to see.


28. Bottling things up isn’t going to lead you anywhere.


29. Because we don’t celebrate uniqueness.


30. Is your child free to make his/her life decisions? Doesn’t look like it.


31. Are we actually implementing gender equality?


32. The water pollution that WE have caused has swallowed almost the entire aquatic life.


33. Our planet is slipping away, and we can’t hold it back anymore.


34. Changing JUST your appearance doesn’t make you stand out in a crowd.


35. Is that Brexit we see?

These shook you a bit, didn’t they? You can follow more of his work on Facebook too.

h/t: Boredpanda

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