Throwback: PC Talking About Dealing With Heartbreaks Is Something All Of Us Need To Hear

Priyanka Chopra has had her share of heartbreaks which not each and every fan of her would know, as she’s a very private person. But one thing’s for sure, that PC, like any of us, feels a lot, retreats into her shell and then comes back after she’s dealt with her emotions. That’s her way of dealing with things.

In a throwback video from 2014, Priyanka was seen talking about relationships and how people who are going through a heartbreak should not give up on anything and have to be strong.


Whatever she says, makes a whole lotta sense. She also used the famous Muhammad Iqbal sher:


Pee Cee said relationships can go wrong between two good people also and that necessarily doesn’t mean that either one has to be bad or wrong. And, it also doesn’t mean that the world has come to an end. She also revealed how she deals with things.

Now, that’s some legit advice, PC. And, those going through a hard time right now, this is a must watch.