Remember The Economics Graduate Who Sold Tea? She’s Closing The Stall & Will Open A Food Truck

Remember Priyanka Gupta, the ‘graduate chaiwali’ from Patna who opened a tea stall to earn a living after she couldn’t secure a job for 2 years post-graduation? Well, despite being a graduate in Economics, Priyanka couldn’t find a job since 2019. And then the pandemic hit – a time in which several people couldn’t find jobs either and many others lost their jobs.

However, Priyanka Gupta has decided to shut down her tea stall. This is not sad news. Because, according to DNA, she is set to open a mini food truck!

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Apparently, after her story went viral, someone got in touch with her and gave her the offer to open a food truck. According to Zee News, she accepted the offer and decided to expand her business by selling tea and snacks. She has also planned to earn profit and pay back for the truck little by little.

Priyanka has further decided to hire professional tea makers who can make different kinds of tea to serve customers their favourite drinks. Previously, she used to sell masala, chocolate and paan chai for Rs 20 each, kulhad chai for Rs 15 and cookies for Rs 10.

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Isn’t this incredible? We wish her all the best!

Cover image source: I, II.

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