PeeCee Calls ‘RRR’ A Tamil Film While ‘Correcting’ US Actor Who Called It A Bollywood Film

In a recent interview with American actor Dax Shepard on his podcast ‘Armchair Expert’, Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra blasted the Hindi film industry for bullying her into moving to Hollywood to advance her career. She also received a lot of support from people online.


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However, during that interview, she made a blunder related to the Indian film industry that got people mocking and criticizing her.

Dax went on to talk about the Oscar-winning Indian film ‘RRR’ and attributed it to being a Bollywood movie. But, Priyanka was quick to correct him. However, while rectifying him, she made another mistake that got desis face-palming. She said to Dax that it was a Tamil movie.

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For those of you who don’t get the error she made, the movie ‘RRR’ is actually a Telugu-language epic action drama film directed by S. S. Rajamouli.

PeeCee made the mistake after rooting for the film going to the Oscars, posting appreciation posts about it, and hosting one of the lead actors of the movie, Ram Charan and his wife Upasana Kamineni, at her Los Angeles house.

Obviously, this blunder of hers wasn’t hidden from people online. Hence, they took this opportunity to mock and correct her using memes and jokes.

This is giving ‘aasman se girey khajoor me atkey’. 🤣

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