Viral Video Of Priyanka Chopra Taking Off Her Ring Might Just Confirm Engagement Rumours!

T’is the season of celebrity wedding rumours! The media reports can’t leave Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone alone from the fear that they might pull a Virushka! And they don’t want to leave Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas alone because we’ve seen a teaser of their PDA and we want more deets, STAT!

Reportedly, Nick Jonas has already popped the question to our desi girl PeeCee with a sparkle from Tiffany’s.

But this glorious engagement ring, that Nick shut down the New York Tiffany’s store to procure for his lady love, is quite the elusive little thing!

Media and fan accounts have claimed to catch a glimpse of it here and there.

Like this one here from the couple’s recent trip to Singapore, where Priyanka Chopra turned a cheerful fangirl for Nick Jonas as he performed at the Hyperplay festival.

However, no clear sightings of the ring mean that the rumours about this much-in-love couple remain, well, rumours.

However, adding a giant dollop of fuel to the fire is this latest video that has emerged on social media. Priyanka Chopra walks out of the Delhi Airport, but as she does this, cameras catch her trying to slip a ring off her finger!

The video has now gone viral.

Any and every argument kind of falls short of explaining why Piggy Chops would do this, unless she and Nick are still not ready to update their relationship status!

Priyanka has several times proclaimed that when there is finally a ring on her finger, the world will know. In this scenario though, the world seems to know quite a bit! We’re just waiting for some rock-solid confirmation now, PeeCee!

But it’s cool, we’re alright to wait until you’re ready! Just don’t tell us in the very ‘Nick’ of time haan?