Priyanka Chopra Apologises For Controversial Quantico Episode, But Not Everyone Is Happy


With the kind of backlash and hate that ABC’s Quantico is facing right now, they’d probably wish it was cancelled a season earlier itself. Alas, the show, starring media darling Priyanka Chopra, managed to steer into troubled waters during its final season, with their episode, ‘The Blood of Romeo’.

Image Courtesy: ABC

You’d say, with a plotline that showed Hindu nationalists turn into terrorists to implicate Pakistan, what else were they expecting, right? My guess is tolerance and a strong understanding of fiction, but instead, they found themselves in a desperate need to issue an apology.

Following in the footsteps of ABC, the network that airs the show, star Priyanka Chopra has finally issued an apology of her own to her Indian fans.

ABC’s apology was clear, do not blame PC, this was our idea. But Indian fans weren’t so agitated about what ABC had done, compared to what their nation’s pride had done to hurt their sentiments. They were clamouring for her to say sorry, and well, she did.


From calling her a slew of derogatory words to becoming the Septa from Game of Thrones and yelling ‘Shame’ at her, to even trending hashtags about boycotting brands that she endorsed… a lot went into extricating that apology.

Or at least that’s what most of Twitter felt about this.


Now let me show you, the four kinds of people in the world and what their reactions to Priyanka Chopra’s apology were.

Pay attention, there’s a pop quiz at the end!

The ‘Too late now to say sorry’ school of thought has rejected the apology, claiming that the damage is done and there’s no going back.

Sorry, PC, money and fame ruined you.

Insulting two birds with one jibe….

Now we come upon what I call the ‘Apology Accepted’ school of thought.

“Aakhir galti toh insaan se hi hoti hai.” Let’s move on!

Case closed.

I also did find a club of people who successfully managed to distinguish between fact and fiction, and therefore, deemed PeeCee’s apology absolutely unnecessary. I call them the ‘It’s not you, it’s us’ club.

Fighting over fiction instead of scarier reality? Yep, that sounds like us.

Sorry Priyanka. Oops, we did it again!

Hey, we save all our tolerance for reality, okay? Fiction is intolerable.

Hey Alex Parrish, just come to Indian. So many more chances for you to save the day!

Ah well, reality strikes again.

And finally, folks, there are also those who believe she shouldn’t have apologised at all. Call them the ‘Unbent. Unbowed. Unbroken.’ (Yep, Game of Thrones reference!) They just wish Priyanka Chopra had stuck to her ground, rather than wave a white flag.

Wait, isn’t that the sign of a true Indian though? No bending our heads, we’d rather have them cut it off?

So, folks, there’s a life lesson in their somewhere, and I hope you’ve grasped it. Because here’s a question, with just one right answer….

Would you rather read more about Priyanka Chopra dating Nick Jonas or what!?

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