Outrageous New York Magazine Claims ‘Scam Artist’ Priyanka Chopra Forced Nick Jonas To Marry

I am an Indian woman who loves watching Disney fairytales and Hollywood rom-coms, where two people just meet suddenly and fall in love. For me, watching Priyanka Chopra achieve global domination and then go on to find and marry the love of her life, Nick Jonas, is a lot more about vicarious brown girl pride. She did it, girls. She’s living the dream.

Does this mean that I, a ‘woke’ millennial, do not know that each and every frame of their relationship and wedding Is picture perfect for a reason?

PeeCee and Nick have done what countless Hollywood/Bollywood/high society celeb couples before them have done. Turned their wedding into a media spectacle, sold rights to their photos to magazines, and presented a picture perfect fairytale to us. And for that, they’ve received their share of flak too.

What’s more, the age gap between the two has bothered the very people who’ve happily supported older Bollywood heroes romancing actresses their daughters’ age. I mean, if Nick and his family didn’t have a problem, excuse but who you?

And then came this article by The Cut, published in the New York Magazine, that calls Priyanka Chopra a global scam artist who forced a naïve Nick Jonas into marrying against his will.

I kid you not, those were the exact words written by Mariah Smith, the author of this trash-talking article.

It was amazing to see how gullible NY Mag thought its readers would be. They published an article written by a woman of colour about another woman of colour, trashing her for spending her own money extravagantly, and forcing a man, of legal age and outrageous popularity himself, to marry her.

And the words used speak so much to the writer’s journalistic integrity and morality!

Throughout the article, the writer attempts to convince you that PeeCee is a gold-digging, fame-loving scam artist, with a love for the finer things in life. And she fails so miserably, her fall’s greater than Humpty Dumpty’s.

She even goes on to write scathingly about Priyanka’s choice to hold a lavish desi wedding, being completely clueless of Indian weddings’ scale in general.

Clearly, nobody sent her the Ambani’s wedding invites forwards on WhatsApp. Or articles about the number of Indians on top in the Forbes’ richest list. Arre isko bataao koi how many Sabyasachi lehengas are sold per year, to be worn in Indian weddings abroad!

What’s worse is that she portrayed Priyanka Chopra, a former Miss World and global star as a woman who scammed a gullible popstar into matrimony, only to leverage his fame.

She could take a look at PeeCee’s 30 million plus followers, compare it to our Nick Jiju’s 18 million followers, and get her facts right. And even if he were more popular than her, who cares?

Has she made similar comparisons for other celeb couples? Or does this one get special preference because it is a South Asian woman who deigned to marry an American sweetheart?

And this, kids, is a prime example of a racist, xenophobic, ignorant piece of yellow journalism that deserves to die a painful death. The article isn’t just about slamming Priyanka Chopra’s wedding; it manages to ignorantly hurt the sentiments of an entire country and its people.

The outrage against this piece was massive. And it wasn’t because Priyanka Chopra is the apple of the media’s eye.

The criticism came as much from non-fans of the couple, as it did from fans who knew what a well-orchestrated publicity stunt the wedding was, and still loved every second of it.

You know what they say? The hate you give out into the world finds a way of coming back to you. As a fellow journalist, all I can tell Mariah Smith is, stop spewing venom. Because if that’s your journalistic voice, then nobody wants to hear it.