“This Happened 5 Blocks From My Home,” Priyanka Chopra Condemns The Manhattan Attack

The world today is a scary place. We’re not afraid of the dark anymore, or of things that go bump in the night. The real nightmares are glaring reminders of the terror that humanity is capable of inflicting on itself. Last night, we got one of them.

A motorist driving a pickup truck ran over pedestrians and bikers on a bike path near the World Trade Center memorial in Manhattan on Tuesday night. Eight were killed and several others were injured.

The driver was later discovered to be an Uzbek national who got into the States illegally. The Mayor of New York City termed it “a particularly cowardly act of terror.”

Condemnation for the attack poured in from all quarters. In fact, one of our own—Priyanka Chopra—was merely minutes away from the sight when this ghastly scene took place.

Priyanka, who is currently shooting for the third season of Quantico in New York, tweeted about how she was on her way back home when she heard the sirens blaring, signalling that something was wrong.

It’s been a year that the actress has built a home away from home in the city that never sleeps. And yesterday, that put her a mere five blocks away from where the attack occurred.

In a previous tweet shared only minutes before this one, she expressed her condolences and applauded the city for being a survivor.

The world has indeed become a scary place; once you leave your home, you can never be sure if you’ll return as the same person as you left. Or return at all.

There’s no amount of pacifying or condolences that can help the victims of such tragedies get over the trauma.

And still, we plough on, hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Cover Image Source: ABC

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