The New Trailer Of ‘Baywatch’ Is Out And Priyanka Chopra Is Slaying It With Her Sass!

So, with the first trailer of ‘Baywatch’, Priyanka Chopra fans were left a bit disheartened as hers was only a blink-and-miss appearance. But Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson assured all that there was more in store. And, we can see what he was talking about.

The second trailer, uploaded on Zero Media, is out people and we can see more of Piggy Chops in it than we saw in the first one. But was it enough? We guess it is never enough. In whatever ‘little’ we saw of our desi gurl, one thing is for sure, Priyanka as Victoria Leeds, is one badass baddie. Nuff said! Watch it, now.

P.S. We are crushing big time on Zac Efron and The Rock’s candid banter.