Actress Priyanka Bose Retells Horrific Audition For Sajid Khan, Says He Had His D**k In His Hand

Every single Indian knows that our judiciary works at an extremely slow pace. Sometimes cases aren’t lodged and even if they’re taken into consideration, the process takes so much time that we forget all about justice. However, thank to the #MeToo movement, justice has come swiftly for the women who’ve been harassed by men like Sajid Khan for years. But that doesn’t mean that the allegations have stopped coming.

Sajid Khan was accused of sexually harassing actresses Simran Puri and Rachel White, a journalist and assistant director, Saloni Chopra. Following these allegations, he stepped down as the director of ‘Houseful 4’.

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Sajid Khan’s lewd behaviour with actresses and journalists received horrified reactions from actors Akshay Kumar, Farhan Akhtar and Sajid’s own sister, Farah Khan. Furthermore, Sajid was accused of cracking crass jokes and displaying all the symptoms of a sexist man by Dia Mirza and Bipasha Basu.

Now, Sajid Khan has been charged of sexual harassment by ‘Lion’ actress Priyanka Bose. In an interview with Miss Malini, she said,

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“He called me for an audition. The text from his assistant read, ‘Should be comfortable in a bikini.’ When I landed up with the required clothing, no sides were given.”

She further added that,

“He walked in and lay down on the sofa. Over his trousers, he held his dick in his hand and said, ‘If I don’t get a hard-on looking at you, how will my audience?’ I cried on my way home. I still can’t remember how I got out of there. It was all too foggy.”

When Priyanka narrated the entire incident to her partner, he asked her to quit. But somehow, she found the courage to power through. She says,

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I will not let these experiences define me. I worked on myself, my outlook and mostly my craft. I had to experience the ‘dark’ side of show business but I promised myself that, I will not let these monsters get in my way of living the life I desired. The black and white of this experience is that my life and my work, are my birthright. Now, every cell in my body has the urgency to speak up, so every other 24 year old who is just starting out, who doesn’t know where her rent money or the next lunch is coming from, doesn’t hold back her voice, her story. Because the only thing we are responsible for first and foremost is standing up for ourselves.


Priyanka expressed her guilt for not speaking there and then due to the fear of not getting the chance to work ever again. However, she also highlighted the necessity of speaking up by saying “if not now then when?”

Bollywood is a very lucrative industry where many young women, and men, aspire to work in. But it’s because of incidents like these that it has become a breeding ground for sexual predators. That said, as the #MeToo movement is at its peak, we can hope more brave women like Priyanka to voice their opinions and make it a healthy workspace.

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