Who’s The Girl? Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Sensation Priya Prakash Varrier

“Dude, who’s that pretty girl doing that wink thing in that song video?” If this question has been bugging you and your friends all through the weekend, then welcome to the ‘Priya Prakash Varrier Appreciation Club’, which seems to be growing by the minute.

You know how they say, one look is all it takes? Well, Priya’s wink during the song video of her very first film, Oru Adaar Love, has managed to turn her into an overnight viral sensation!

priya varrier

It all started with the video of the song Manikya Malaraya Poovi, of the soon-to-be-released Malayalam movie Oru Adaar Love.

Priya Varrier was in the video for barely 30 seconds, but she sure made an impression!

And now that she’s pretty much every second post on your social media timeline, people (read: boys) are going crazy to find out who is this girl! Well, yours truly’s gotten all the dope on it!

Say hello to Priya Prakash Varrier, the pretty 18-year-old aspiring actress from Thrissur, Kerala, who is all set to make her debut with a Malayalam film.


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Priya is a first-year B.Com student in Vimala College in Thrissur who loves dancing, music and travelling. And she sure makes for a stunning muse for the camera!

I do the thing called what i want✨

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Her Instagram bio says “Sigue tus sueños y ellos encontrarán su camino” which means “Follow your dreams and they will find their way”. And looks like she’s totally living the dream!

Aiswaryarani 2017 ✌️ . . . Pic credits: riyaas noushad

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Her expressive eyes are the talk of the town, but the newcomer actress has some other talents up her sleeve too.

It’ll be interesting to see her acting chops once the movie releases, but till then here’s a tiny trailer of what you can expect.

And finally, if you’re trying to fathom how was she able to pull off that wink so enticingly, then here’s a clue:


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Of course! She is a trained classical dancer and being expressive with your eyes is all part of the deal!

Priya has, in a span of a day, gained more than 500-600k followers on her Instagram and her social media popularity is still on the rise. And to thank her fans for their overwhelming support, she indulged them in a ‘wink-and-you-miss’ treat!


It looks like Priya Prakash Varrier has had the debut of her dreams, even before the release of her film, with boys already wanting to be her Valentine!

But that’s social media for you!