People Online Reveal Why They Like Keeping Their Relationships Private On Social Media

You will find two kinds of people on social media. One, who constantly post pictures with their partners and reveal every little detail about their relationship. And second, who like to keep their relationships private and don’t post much about their partners on social media.


And people on Reddit discussed why some people keep their relationships private and off the public eye and don’t talk about it on social media. The conversation started when one user posted this:

For those who keep their relationships out of the public eye of social media, what is your reasoning? Do you like it this way? from AskWomen

Here’s what people online revealed:

There were couples who weren’t as active on social media in the first place.

Some people just don’t like the idea of their personal information going public.


“It’s our relationship. Not anyone else’s.”

After all, relationships shouldn’t need public validation, should they?

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Some were clear – social media was all about work and memes for them!

Social media is for us to use.

Some were just off social media for the better.


And some just loved their privacy over anything else.

Are you someone who is private about their relationship? Share with us!

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