Principal And Teacher Beat Each Other Up In Front Of Students. What Example Are We Setting?

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops”- Henry Adams

The job of a teacher is not just to teach in the classroom, the job of a teacher is to ignite minds, impart wisdom, and the influence of a teacher lasts a lifetime. That’s why the role of a teacher is of most important.

When I was in college, it was my political science teacher who left a long lasting impression on my mind. I still remember every detail of what she taught me, rather how she taught me. Such is the power of a good teacher. While I have been lucky to have such wise souls impacting my life. This piece of news that I share with you all will simply make you sad.

A headmistress and a science teacher at a Government High School in Sundhra, Dera Bassi were beating up each other in front of the students. The scuffle which lasted for about 20 minutes was recorded by the students.


According to a Hindustan Times report, Veena Bassi (the headmistress) and Kailash Rani (science teacher) first had an exchange of words and after that, they started beating each other up with their bags and also threw a few punches. What makes it worse is that other teachers joined in the fight too and started beating the science teacher up.

The science teacher has alleged that the headmistress and the other teachers wanted Kailash Rani to be transferred but the transfer was put on stay by the court. Veena says, “That is why the headmistress can’t stand me.”  Further, she alleged that even though she was in line for the post of Vice-headmistress, a teacher junior to her was given the post.

Refuting these claims, the Head mistress has another story to tell. She claims that the teachers are in danger because this is not the first time Kailash Rani has attacked the teachers and that’s why she demanded her transfer.

Teachers are supposed to be the shining examples of good moral behaviour and are not expected to stoop to such low levels. Fed up and disheartened with this on going feud, the chairman of the school committee, Manjit Singh said,

 “It’s due to such goings-on that our school recorded such a poor result in matriculation.”


You can watch the shameful incident here.

These teachers mould the mindsets of our future generation. They should lead by example and not resort to such downright shameful practices because children only learn and impersonate elders.