Prince Harry-Meghan Markle Are Engaged And The Internet Is Prepping For Another Royal Wedding!


They put a ring on it, you guys!

That’s right. After dating over a year, Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle of ‘Suits’ fame are engaged to be married and it’s time for some champagne.

If you’re wondering, Clarence House officially announced that the duo got engaged earlier this month in London and that it will be a Spring wedding sometime in 2018.

So, the rumours were true!

The happy couple will, in fact, will appear for photos and an interview to share their good news with their well-wishers worldwide. 

Even Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted about the engagement and have sent their blessings to the happy couple.

Not just that. Meghan’s parents couldn’t be happier and have wished the couple all the joy in the world.

And needless to say, the Internet is prepping for another royal wedding. Here a few from the first gushing session. 

1. Who can argue that?

2. Damn right, they are!

3. Congratulations are in order!

4. Oh, I have a feeling it will, in ways more than one!


5. Even UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has expressed her warmest regards to the couple.

Now, neither am I an American nor British but Harry and Meghan’s scheduled wedding has already left me feeling invited. Hell, I might go pick a dress to watch their gala wedding on the telly! You?

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