20 Adorable Comics Show How Life Of A Teacher Never Runs Out Of Fun, Excitement And Love

We all remember our primary teachers, don’t we? Remember how they consoled you when you were crying for a lost eraser? Remember how they explained to you that H2O is water and not H to O! Remember how patient they were, every time¬†you forgot ‘twelve threes are?’ Remember the way they answered your completely irrelevant ‘solar system question’ in a biology class? Such was the power of our primary teachers. Today we are able to solve infinite complexities because our initial ‘simples’ were right! And who do we thank for this? The same powerful pillars of our life, our primary teachers!

But while we were enjoying our time asking the most foolish questions and nagging for little things, ever wondered how could the teachers tackle it so forbearingly? We are sure they wanted to crib too. But never even once have we heard any complaint from them! (Apart from the obvious, ‘your class is a fish market’ and ‘your batch is the worst’ banter)

These comics aim to exactly capture these unspoken emotions of a primary teacher. A Facebook page named ‘When’s it hometime’ has captured the silent agony of our primary teachers through these cheeky comics.

While some will make you laugh, some will make you feel bad about your innocent folly as a kid!

1. Just not fair!


2. No, it is not a bad word, Josh!


3. Following the school calendar!


4. No, I was not so dumb!


5. The ‘childhood blind syndrome,’ we’ve all suffered it right?


6. Well, I am going to Disneyland right after I finish this!


7. Vacation or not?


8. Being the centre of attention, always!


9. No, not again!


10. Remember the elephant-ant joke parody?


11. Every teacher’s day in the world!


12. And nobody cared about the little brown mouse, anymore.


13. Admit it, come on!


14. No kid, nobody thought like that!


15. That last moment!


16. That awkward moment!


17. The little devil named distraction!


18. Aaaaaa nooooo!


19. That’s what mommy told all of us, right?


20. This one is totally relatable!

This one is for all the teachers who have stood with us during our most stupid times! To each one of them, thank you! We love you and this was just a way to show you that.