Priest Performs Baptism On Kid By Using A Water Gun, Twitter Reacts With Memes

The coronavirus pandemic has managed to change the course of our lives. Couples are getting married via video conference, people are sending their dogs to pick up snacks from the store, work-from-home has become the new normal – social-distancing has indeed redefined our daily activities.

In another hilarious change brought about by the pandemic, a priest performs baptism on a baby with the help of a toy water gun, probably for squirting holy water, reports News18.

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A picture of the incident, which is assumed was taken inside a church, has gone viral on the internet. A woman is seen holding the child while the priest points the toy gun at him. While neither the priest nor the family has been identified, we can all agree that this is pretty hilarious!

And people online got to business! Several jokes were cracked and memes were posted. Some also claimed how this scene is straight out of a Martin Scorsese movie!

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Most appropriate meme EVER.

This goes on to prove that modern problems require modern solutions!

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