After Shweta, Video Of Maulvi Allegedly Snoring Heavily On Mic Tickles Everyone’s Funny Bones

Yesterday, the internet was abuzz with funny memes and jokes after a certain Shweta forgot to put her mic on mute before spilling the secrets of a boy in front of 111 other classmates on Zoom call.

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And after Shweta’s gaffe, another similarly hysterical video has gone viral. This time it’s a maulvi who was caught snoring heavily with his mic on.

In the video, one can clearly hear someone enjoying a sound sleep while being very close to a microphone. And the entire locality seems to enjoy his blunder through the loudspeaker.

Obviously, people online had a good laugh after this undated video made it to social media.

Well, I think people will now take efforts to ensure the mics on their devices are off. No one wants to be the next meme, right?

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