Indian Men Share Stories Of Being Pressurized By Parents To Get Married In Reddit Thread

How much ever our parents say, ‘tumhari khushi me he humari khushi hai’, most of us have grown up only to realize that it’s a myth. Moreover, it’s not like desi parents take control of their kid’s life and take all major decisions. Most of their decisions are influenced by ‘log kya kahenge’ and this is when they start pressurizing their children to do or not do a certain thing.

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Aur yahan male ya female ki baat he nhi aati because most of us have to face the situation wherein our parents keep society above our happiness.

In a Reddit thread, men in their 20s and 30s shared how they are often pressurized by their parents to get married.

Male 33: Why is it so hard to convince Indian parents that you don’t want to get married at all? from india

Forcing them to get married is their top priority.

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Not just parents, peers added to the pressure too.

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‘Move out of their house,’ suggested some people.

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‘Don’t surrender to the pressure,’ said another.

They feel it’s their duty to get you married.

Being pressurised to get married is wrong for the man and his partner too. How can this be tackled?

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