POTUS Obama’s Farewell Speech About Michelle And His Kids Made Him, And Us, So Emotional!

Get you kerchiefs ready, people!

President Obama gave a very touching and moving farewell speech at McCormik Place, Chicago and we cried through most of it. But our best bit was when he paid a very heart-melting tribute to his wife Michelle Obama and his daughters, Sasha and Malia.

The cheering and the applause for one of America’s greatest President’s farewell speech didn’t stop echoing. And, it was the loudest when he, in the sweetest way possible, spoke about his family and their support. He said that for 25 years, she’s not only his wife and mother of his children but she has been his best friend. Uploaded on Breaking News, watch the video.

P.S. The moment when he said, ‘Yes We Can, Yes We Did, Yes We Can”, people were transported back to 2008. After all, it was the slogan of his campaign.

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