Pregnant Woman Asked To Finish A Meeting Despite Going Into Labour At Work, Twitter Enraged

Childbirth might seem magical and beautiful to some. But I have heard a lot of women share about the mental and physical impact it has on a woman. Hence, several professional institutions have allowed pregnant women to take maternity leaves in order to take care of themselves better.

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But, a woman who happened to be working while she was pregnant, was told to finish the board meeting even when she went into labor and her water broke. She finally finished the board meeting in the car while en route to the hospital.

This alarming news was recently shared by a writer named Christine Carrillo on Twitter. Sharing the details, she wrote:

And like us, many people online were irked by the company’s behavior towards the woman. While some pointed out the insensitivity, others said that not everyone has the privilege to say ‘no’ as they have a family to feed.

Surprisingly, there were also some other women who confessed they had similar experiences.

No matter what the power dynamics are and however big the company is, humanity and sensitivity towards an employee should be of topmost priority. Don’t you think?

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