Prabhas Gets Fat-Shamed Online, People Call Him ‘Uncle’, But Fans Defend Him

There are two sides to being a celebrity – people glorify them at their best and shame them the minute they see change. You will often find celebrities from the film industry being fat-shamed, men and women alike.

‘Bahubali’ actor Prabhas wasn’t spared from it either. In recent pictures that have been circulating online, Prabhas is seen alongside Kriti Sanon inside a car, looking different from what he does on screen, naturally.

Several people online began fat-shaming him, called him an ‘uncle’ and made terrible jokes about how he looked. Here’s how some people reacted:

Seeing Prabhas being targetted, his fans slammed those trolling him and highlighted how a celebrity need not look their best all the time because, after all, they too are human.

Some alleged that Prabhas recently underwent surgery, from which he is still recovering.

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It is disappointing to see some people shame actors for only being human. We need to do better.

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