Desi Twitter Reacts To Pic Of ‘Potato Sack Pants’, Says ‘Mummy Na Dekh Le!’

With fashion evolving every day, there are some clothing items and accessories launched into the market by the industry which makes zero sense. For example, who would buy basmati rice-sack tote bags or ridiculously expensive jeans with grass stains?

But then, another such bizarre item was launched into the market which made the rice-sack tote bags look way better. IPS Officer Arun Bothra recently took to Twitter to share a picture of, wait for it, potato sack pants!

Image source

One can only imagine how uncomfortable these pants can be because potato sacks are itchy AF against the skin!

IAS Officer Awanish Sharan shared a picture showing how the backside of such pants might look:

IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan joked that if his mother saw this, she would take 2-4 sugar sacks and sew them into a pant!

And other people made hilarious jokes around it! Here’s what they said.

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At this rate, it isn’t long before we have a ‘kachi ghani night serum’ and ‘mosquito refill earrings’ strolling the market!

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