YouTuber Finds Potato Sack Palazzo Being Sold For ₹60K In Mumbai In The Name Of ‘Fashion’

The entire funda used by luxury brands is to make poverty and middle-class items look fashionable. Why else would they sell phate huye jeans, garbage bags, and dirty worn-out sneakers for lakhs and lakhs of money? It’s like if you go to your regular kinara store, pick up a potato sack, wear it and tag a brand like Balenciaga, people will believe it’s actually made by the luxury brand. Sounds unreasonable? Wait a second.

An Indian YouTuber named Shelmy Joseph came across a potato sack palazzo that costs a whopping Rs 60,000. She took to Instagram to share a reel of the incident.

If you look closely, you’ll also find the quintessential blue-ink details that are often seen in sacks like these. In the palazzo, it’s used to give it a genuine potato sack look. She spotted this item in Mumbai’s Goregaon. Here’s the video:


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People online shared a good laugh on watching the video and even cracked hilarious jokes! Here’s what some of them said:

Shopkeepers, beware! Impressionable minds might think this is ‘fashion’ and come for your boris!

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